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For more info, contact Cyndy Buckhaults, SC INBRE Communications Manager

Abstracts are for SC INBRE-funded research conducted over the past year and are for podium, poster and possible flash talk presentations*. Only the student posters (high school, undergraduate students, graduate/medical students, postdocs) will be judged.

*3-Minute Madness flash talks are quick talks - three minutes, one slide, zero questions asked.

It is the author’s responsibility to see that the guidelines and instructions are followed to ensure optimal results.



Note: No figures or special characters will be accepted with the abstract. Because of the limitations of the form, there will not be italicized words, either. We are aware of this and are okay without them.

Each abstract should be divided into five subheadings:

SIZE: Abstracts should include a title, author(s), affiliation(s), text, and acknowledgments. Please limit the body of the abstract to 300 words or less.

AUTHORS: The presenting author will be the primary contact for this abstract, will receive email notifications regarding poster creation, and be responsible for giving the oral and/or poster presentation. The presenting author is responsible to contact other authors regarding the status of the abstract. Include all authors’ full first and last names. The presenting author’s name should be listed first. Include all authors’ department and university affiliations. Research mentor/PI should be the last author.

Denote authors from different affiliations with a number. For example: Jane Smith(1), John Doh(2), Jean Jones(1,3) and Fred Flintstone(1)

AFFILIATION(S): Include department, name of institution and location for each author on your abstract. I nclude affiliation key numbers. 

For example, (1)Department of Biology, Awesome University, City, AR, (2) Department of Molecular Biology, Great College, Town, LA

Grant support: Acknowledgement of grant support should be given at the end of the abstract.


You are responsible for making sure there are not typographical or grammatical issues. Abstracts will be published publicly as submitted. If you do not want your abstract to be viewed by the public, mark it as “embargo.”

The SC INBRE Acknowledgement Statement/Citation Information and official logos are located in the Toolbox under the Resources tab above. Do not right-click or screen capture our logo – that would be too low res for your poster. Hi res versions of our logo in various formats are available to download from our Toolbox.

On Eventbrite, Click “get tickets/reserve a spot” to go to the Abstract/Registration Form. Click “register” to submit your abstract. Submitting your abstract also equals submitting your registration.

Any questions or information, please email Cyndy Buckhaults.

Page updated Nov 14, 2023