Other NIH Programs in South Carolina

The primary goal of this COBRE center is to increase the number of NIH-supported biomedical researchers in the state of South Carolina, particularly at Clemson University.

For this purpose, Clemson University's unique strengths in biomaterials and tissue engineering are complemented by expertise in medicine and developmental biology at the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of South Carolina to establish a Bioengineering Center for Regeneration and Formation of Tissues (SC BioCRAFT) at Clemson University.

This COBRE center will significantly augment collaborative efforts in South Carolina to recruit, train, and retain a critical mass of investigators with cross-disciplinary skills to collaborate effectively in the research area of regenerative medicine.

Mission Statement

We strive to find better treatments for human diseases by fostering interdisciplinary collaborations among researchers and enhancing interdependent intellectual capital and resources within the State of South Carolina.

SC BioCraft Website


SCBIOCRAFT is implementing a Voucher Program aimed at promoting the two Scientific Cores and supporting efforts towards:

    1. obtaining preliminary data for a proposal,

    2. testing the feasibility of a new concept,

    3. answering questions or concerns generated by proposal or manuscript reviewers,

    4. demonstrating advantages of novel technologies, and

    5. advancing the competitiveness of a research proposal.

Other reasonable goals will be taken into consideration, on a case-by-case basis.

Use of funds: Awarded funds can be used for services offered by cores, utilization of equipment or other technologies, lab services, training, consultation and specialty materials needed to achieve the stated goals.

Eligibility: All investigators, local or statewide can apply for the SC-BIOCRAFT Vouchers. Any faculty at any rank can apply and faculty from the INBRE network are strongly encouraged.

To learn more about the voucher program, click to download: