Venue Maps

For more info, contact Cyndy Buckhaults, SC INBRE Communications Manager

Symposium is located on the second floor of the Russell House (directions) on the USC Columbia campus. 

Parking is in the Bull Street Parking Garage (directions). Please note: Buses and large shuttles may not park in the garage (please contact us to make special parking arrangements).

There are multiple building entrances:
If you park in the Bull Street Garage, note the yellow dashed line on the map at right showing walking path and Courtyard entrance from first floor. Once inside the building, look for the elevators and stairs off to your left. Go to the second floor.

Handicapped parking is on the far right of the building.

There are entrances off of Green Street (where the Russell House label is printed on the map at the right). Additionally, there is an exterior ramp to the building off of Greene Street which will take you to the second floor (see floor plan below which includes the location of the ramp). 

Russell House
Second Floor

Russell House First Floor

Map notes building entrances, stairs and elevators. Once you enter the building, proceed to the second floor.

Page updated Nov 14, 2023