The National Institutes of Health (NIH) established the IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) to increase research capacity by programmatic expansion and networking of research activities of faculty and students at academic institutions throughout certain targeted states – with South Carolina being one of those states. 

SC INBRE is achieving that goal by supporting the career development of faculty and hands-on research training of students at our network institutions through annual workshops for faculty and students focusing on career development, mentoring and other relevant topics, as well as funding opportunities available to any faculty at SC INBRE’s network institutions. 

SC INBRE Cycle IV began on September 1, 2020 and includes a statewide network of 14 member institutions, two outreach institutions and two alumni institutions. Member and outreach/alumni institutions incorporate South Carolina’s three Comprehensive Research Universities and 15 of the state’s Primarily Undergraduate Institutions, including three Historically Black Colleges and Universities. SC INBRE is administered at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia. INBRE IV renewal announcement

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In addition to each SC INBRE institution, you can also find information on other NIH NIGMS funded programs in our state, service core providers, biomedical companies and more.

Comprehensive Research Universities (CRUs)

University of South Carolina 

(Lead Institution)

Dr. Edie Goldsmith

PI/Program Director

Dr. Holly LaVoie

Program Coordinator

John Clarkson

Program Manager

Cyndy Buckhaults

Communications Manager

Dr. Wayne Carver

Institution PI

Clemson University

Dr. Martine LaBerge

Institution PI

Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Jeremy Barth

Institution PI

Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUI)

Benedict College

Dr. Samir Raychoudhury 

Institution PI

Coastal Carolina University

Dr. Bryan Wakefield

Institution PI

College of Charleston

Dr. Marcello Forconi

Institution PIs
CofC INBRE Website

Columbia College

Dr. Adrienne Oxley

Institution PI

Converse University

Dr. Will Case

Institution PI
Converse University INBRE Website

Francis Marion University

Dr. Ann Stoeckmann

Institution PI

Furman University

Dr. John Wheeler

Institution PI
Furman INBRE Website

Dr. John Kaup

SC INBRE Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Coordinator

Presbyterian College

Dr. Stuart Gordon 

Institution PI

USC Aiken

Dr. Bill Jackson

Institution PI
USC Aiken INBRE-PROBe Website

USC Upstate

Dr. Joshua Ruppel

Institution PI
USC Upstate SC INBRE ER(Up)T Website

Winthrop University

Dr. Robin Lammi

Institution PI
Winthrop INBRE Website

Graduate/Outreach Institutions

Outreach Institutions

Claflin University

Dr. Verlie Tisdale

Institution PI

South Carolina State University

Dr. Judith Salley

Institution PI

Anderson University

Dr. Diana Ivankovic

Institution PI

The Citadel

Dr. Dena Garner

Institution PI