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The goal of the SC INBRE Bioinformatics Core is to increase NIH research capacity of the state by providing bioinformatics and data science support to faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students of the lead and partner institutions.

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For more info, contact:
Dr. Homayoun Valafar
University of South Carolina Columbia
(803) 777-2404 | Email

Located on the VA campus of the USC School of Medicine Columbia, the IRF houses several major pieces of state-of-the-art biotechnological equipment that provide investigation ranging from single cell and molecular level analysis to whole animal imaging. Additionally, the IRF maintains a full range of ancillary equipment available for sample preparation, image enhancement, and data analysis.

For more info, contact:
Dr. Austin Worden
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia
(803) 216-3823 | Email

Visit the IRF website

The Microarray Core Facility is a state-of-the-art facility that conducts gene expression profiling to monitor the levels of expression of all genes in the genome. 

Using the Facility’s technology, a single experiment allows researchers to determine specific alterations in gene expression in various disease states, or progression, following exposure to drugs or chemicals. 30,000 genes are expressed at different levels in a single genome, and can be monitored in a single experiment through our technology.

For more info, contact:
Dr. Diego Altomare
University of South Carolina Columbia
(803) 777-6682 | Email

Visit the Microarray Core Facility web page

The Core provides Bioanalyzer service for evaluation of RNA and DNA quality, instrumentation for a variety of molecular applications (qPCR, PCR, luminometer, spectrophotometers, plate reader, fluorometers, etc.), and bioinformatic analysis in support of bulk RNA-seq analysis and other miscellaneous applications (big data deposition, database mining, cloning design, etc.)

For more info, contact:
Dr. Jeremy “Jamie” Barth
Medical University of South Carolina
(843) 792-9984 | Email

Visit the Molecular Analytics and Informatics Core (formerly Proteogenomics Facility) website

The Claflin University Molecular Science Research Center has been designated a Research Core Facility Core Research Facility for the state by SCRA because of specialized analytical equipment in the Molecular Science Research Center. Claflin has the second largest NMR in the state of South Carolina, 700 MHz Bruker NMR. Claflin also has a 300 MHz NMR and additional high-end equipment.

For more info, contact:
Mr. Stephon Void
Claflin University
(803) 535-5293 | Email

Visit NMR Facility under Molecular Sciences Research Laboratory on Claflin’s Facilities web page

For locations and information on all NIH-funded service cores in South Carolina, click here to view our interactive map (included SC INBRE and COBREs).

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