Presentations: Developmental Research Project Program
2019 Grant Recipients

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Sri Chandrasekaran, Furman University

Presentation and Abstract: Effects Of Environment On Anti-Fungal Drug Resistance In Cryptococcus neoformans

Jessica Larsen, Clemson University

Presentation and Abstract: Towards Theranostic Technology: Elucidation and Utilization of Neural Enzyme Upregulation

Chang Liu, University of South Carolina

Presentation and Abstract (embargoed): Ultrasensitive Detection of HIV-1 p24 in Human Serum Samples by a Click Chemistry Amplification-Coupled Nanopore Strategy

Austin Shull, Presbyterian College

Presentation and Abstract: An Epigenetic Predisposition Toward Inflammation in Breast Cancer Stem Cells

Christopher Varnon, Converse College

Presentation and Abstract (embargoed): Developing A New Invertebrate Model Of Alcoholism

Also presenting at this Symposium in the Poster Presentations and Abstracts section:

  • Alissa Armstrong, NEW 2020 Grant Recipient, MCB-05

  • Joe Carson, NEW 2020 Grant Recipient, BE-04

  • April DeLaurier, 2017-2020 Grant Recipient, MCB-21 (Embargoed)