2018 Science Symposium


Call for Abstracts

  • Abstracts and registration are due by Monday, July 30.

  • Please pay careful attention to the Guidelines and adhere to them. Abstracts will not be accepted if they are not in proper format.

  • When you submit your abstract, please include a short write up in your email of either a description of your research in lay-terms that anyone would be able to understand or tell us about your research experience. This is optional (but would be much appreciated!). Your photo or a photo that represents your write up would also be appreciated.

  • Email abstracts to Cyndy. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your abstract or if there are revisions that need to be made to it from Cyndy – if you do not receive an email, check your spam/junk mail folder. No confirmation/request for revisions means we probably did not receive it. Accepted abstracts must be received by the deadline of Monday, July 30.

  • We would also like for you to send us an electronic copy of the poster (PPT or PDF) by Monday, August 6. When you submit your poster, please let us know if it is your final version or a draft (use FINAL or DRAFT in your subject line) and if it is okay to post on the web after the Symposium. If it is not okay, use the word “EMBARGO” in your subject line when you send it (students, do check with your faculty advisor if you are unsure).

  • Questions about how to design your poster, we have some simple tips here.

  • Last – but very important – DO NOT download the SC INBRE logo off of the web. Any logos you find on the internet are VERY LOW RES and would not produce well on your poster. Please ask Cyndy for link to the hi res logo.