Workshop speaker

Marketa Marcanikova, BS

PhD student, Clemson University

My name is Marketa Marcanikova and I am an international student at Clemson University. I am performing a Bioengineering major with the Certificate in Engineering and Science education. My bioengineering research focuses on the understanding of kinematics of vertebrae bodies using optical motion capturing. I am also a part of SC SUPPORTED project whose goal is to improve the retention rates in postsecondary engineering programs in order to understand factors affecting STEM workforce in SC, thus, to address the shortage of STEM workforce. I am also a member of Clemson cross country/ track and field team.

I performed my Bachelor degree in chemistry at South Carolina State University while playing tennis for the SC State bulldogs.

If there is some time left, I enjoy playing sports, helping out people, hanging out with my friends, traveling, cooking and learning new things.