Steering Committee

The major function of the Steering Committee (StC) is to establish the policies and procedures which govern the StC itself and SC INBRE. 

SC INBRE’s StC includes the PI (who chairs the committee), the Program Coordinator, and the institutional PI from each of the participating primarily undergraduate institution (PUI) network institutions, as well as institutional PIs representing the three comprehensive research universities (CRU). The SC INBRE program manager and communications manager attend all StC meetings.

The SC INBRE StC meets quarterly. There is at least one meeting of the StC annually, typically held in conjunction with the annual EAC program review and Scientific Symposium. 

Comprehensive Research Universities (CRUs)

University of South Carolina (Lead Institution)

Dr. Edie Goldsmith, PI/Program Director

Dr. Holly LaVoie, Program Coordinator

John Clarkson, Program Manager

Cyndy Buckhaults, Communications Manager

Dr. Wayne Carver, Institution PI

Dr. Homay Valafar, Bioinformatics Core Director

Clemson University

Dr. Martine LaBerge

Institution PI

Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Jeremy “Jamie” Barth

Institution PI

Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUI)

Benedict College

Dr. Samir Raychoudhury 

Institution PI

Coastal Carolina University

Dr. Bryan Wakefield

Institution PI

College of Charleston 

Dr. Marcello Forconi

Institution PIs

Columbia College

Dr. Adrienne Oxley

Institution PI

Converse University

Dr. Will Case

Institution PI

Francis Marion University

Dr. Ann Stoeckmann

Institution PI

Furman University

Dr. John Wheeler

Institution PI

Dr. John Kaup

Institution Co-PI/RET Program

Presbyterian College

Dr. Stuart Gordon 

Institution PI

USC Aiken

Dr. Bill Jackson

Institution PI

USC Upstate

Dr. Joshua Ruppel

Institution PI

Winthrop University

Dr. Robin Lammi

Institution PI

Dr. Jay Hanna

Institution Co-PI