Proteogenomics Facility at MUSC

Provides genomics services including Bioanalyzer qualitative analysis of RNA and DNA, Affymetrix microarray-based transcriptome and miRNA profiling, and next generation sequencing on the Ion Torrent PGM platform for small scale genomes, targeted/amplicon resequencing and metagenomics. Bioinformatic support is provided for DNA microarray and next generation sequencing analysis. The facility also provides training in bioinformatic analysis, computational workstations, and bioinformatics software (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, dChip, MeV). Instrumentation available for use includes a Bio-Rad Cfx96 qPCR instrument, a NanoDrop One for small volume spectrophotometric analysis, a Qubit fluorometer and a Luminometer.

For more info, contact:

Dr. Jeremy Barth, Medical University of South Carolina, (843) 792-9984, Email

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