Workshop speaker

Hobey Tam, Ph.D.

Success is not significance. It is not the million dollar idea that people want but rather the one dollar ideas that billions need that are worth a lifetime's pursuit.

Research in STEM fields is arguably the most effective method of developing better ideas to the pressing needs of society at a cheaper cost point. Therefore, research is one of the most important functions in society today and those involved must learn to find the quickest but most ethical pathway to scaling technologies to the masses once ideas merit life after the bench top. This involves learning how to network to find the right partners to translate research into usable technology so the masses may experience improvement in life from your hard work. With that being said, networking is perhaps one of the most undervalued and under developed skill sets I see in STEM. This is a tragedy because my experience as a researcher and entrepreneur has taught me that it is the most useful and powerful skill set in creating and accelerating your ability to impact lives whether it be through business, scientific inquiry, or simply lending your hand out to help someone else. My mission in my workshop is to show you the value of networking and give you an introductory crash course on how to network. The goal is to get people excited about YOUR ideas and how THEY can specifically help.

Networking Workshop Prompt