Workshop speaker

Clinton Colmenares

Director of Research Communications, Division of University Relations, Clemson University

Clinton considers social media necessary strategic tool to carry out a university-level research communications strategy aimed at increasing Clemson University’s reputation as an A1 research university. He produces multi-media content, including several video series and written content, directed to specific internal and external audiences, including other academic researchers, funding agencies and the general public. You can follow his work on Twitter @ClemsonResearch and on Facebook and Instagram @ClemsonUniv.

Clinton started communicating about science in 1996 as a newspaper reporter, covering clinical and basic research advances in San Antonio and Nashville. Since 2000, he has worked for universities, promoting the value of academic research. Before arriving at Clemson in 2015, Clinton worked at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, UNC Chapel Hill, the University of Maine and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His experience includes extensive work with national news media, creating and leading university-level strategic plans, crisis communications, internal communications and overseeing website development. Clinton has presented at meetings of the National Association of Science Writers, the Public Relations Society of America, the American Medical Association and many other groups.