Administrative Core

Program Director Principal Investigator

Dr. Edie Goldsmith

Email | (803) 216-3809
Responsibilities include day-to-day management of the SC INBRE Program

Program Coordinator

Dr. Holly LaVoie

Email | (803) 216-3817
Oversees our three grants programs - Bioinformatics Pilot Projects (BIPP), Developmental Research Projects (DRP) and Student-Initiated Research Projects (SIRP) Programs.

Program Manager

John Clarkson

Email | (803) 216-3814
Responsibilities include day-to-day operations and reporting requirements

Communications Manager

Cyndy Buckhaults

Email | (803) 546-4569
Responsibilities include the public face of SC INBRE - including web, social, communications, events. etc. Also includes content development, copywriting and public relations.

Former PD/PC

Dr. Lucia Pirisi-Creek

The Administrative Core manages all aspects of SC INBRE including organization and logistics of the DRP and Bioinformatics Pilot Project programs, the Academic Leadership and Career Development workshop, in addition to providing assistance, support and oversight to the institutional SC INBRE programs at each network member institution. This Core works with the Steering Committee to monitor and evaluate the progress of each SC INBRE funded faculty member and all students trained by SC INBRE.

The Administrative Core

  • Ensures the formal annual evaluation of SC INBRE conducted by the Program Evaluator, the External Evaluation Team, and the External Advisory Committee (EAC).

  • Provides logistical support for the Bioinformatics Core, organizing the review of Bioinformatics Pilot Project and Student-Initiated Research Projects while providing assistance with the organization of training courses and workshops.

  • Supports pipeline development activities, including the Research Experiences for Teachers program established in earlier phases of SC INBRE which provides research opportunities and curricular activities to teachers that they can use in their classrooms to introduce high school students to biomedical careers.

  • Sees that SC INBRE continues to expand opportunities for a diverse student population to participate in biomedical research. Each network institution developed a diversity plan as a component of their application for membership in the SC INBRE network.

  • Actively works with the EAC to carefully monitor the progress of all network institutions in this area to ensure that the leadership at each institution maintains a strong focus on increasing participation of underrepresented minority and underserved students in their research programs.