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Publications by researchers funded by SC INBRE can be found on PubMed


Meet Our Funded Faculty

  • Serge Afeli, Presbyterian College, Role of MRP5 transporters in urothelial bladder cancer cells survival
  • Karoline Baldus, Coastal Carolina University, Characterization of cell lines derived from a novel transgenic mouse model with inducible expression of wild-type or mutant TSG101
  • Mark Blenner, Clemson University, Use of High-Throughput Sequence to Understand Protein Evolution
  • Drew Budner, Coastal Carolina University, Development of Prussian Blue Modified Biosensors
  • Christine Byrum, College of Charleston, Sorting it out: An in vivo model examining roles of importins in neurogenesis
  • William Case, Converse College, Xerogel based amperometric biosensing for the detection of diagnostic markers
  • Megan Cevasco, Coastal Carolina University, Kleptoplasty: organelle recognition and retention
  • Renee Cottle, Clemson University, Ex vivo CRISPR-Cas9 induced gene correction of inborn errors of liver metabolism
  • More coming soon