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Meet Our Funded Faculty

Bioinformatics Pilot Project Program: aims to stimulate interest in the application of genomics and bioinformatics methods by supporting research and student training throughout the SC INBRE and South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research Institute (SCTR) networks.

  • Serge Afeli, Presbyterian College, Role of MRP5 transporters in urothelial bladder cancer cells survival
  • Mark Blenner, Clemson University, Use of High-Throughput Sequence to Understand Protein Evolution
  • Daping Fan, University of South Carolina, Microarray analysis of macrophages with TFEB manipulation
  • Stuart Gordon, Presbyterian College, Insights into chronic anemia through comparative functional analysis of the fish gut microbiome
  • David Hollis, Furman University, Transcriptomic analysis of the adult teleost fish brain early response to injury
  • Kyu-Ho Lee, Medical University of South Carolina, The Nkx2-5 Placental Transcriptome in Development and Disease

Developmental Research Project Program
: offered on a competitive basis and support independent research and mentored career development of Target Faculty who are tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professors at participating SC INBRE PUIs or tenure-track or research faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor level at South Carolina’s three CRUs (Clemson, USC, MUSC).

  • Christine Byrum, College of Charleston, Sorting it out: An in vivo model examining roles of importins in neurogenesis
  • William Case, Converse College, Xerogel based amperometric biosensing for the detection of diagnostic markers
  • Renee Cottle, Clemson University, Ex vivo CRISPR-Cas9 induced gene correction of inborn errors of liver metabolism
  • Kasia Pawelek, University of South Carolina Beaufort, Mathematical Modeling of Influenza and West Nile Virus
  • Jason Rawlings, Furman University, Mechanisms of chromatin decondensation in lymphocytes

Other SC INBRE funding

  • Karoline Baldus, Coastal Carolina University, Characterization of cell lines derived from a novel transgenic mouse model with inducible expression of wild-type or mutant TSG101
  • Drew Budner, Coastal Carolina University, Development of Prussian Blue Modified Biosensors
  • Megan Cevasco, Coastal Carolina University, Kleptoplasty: organelle recognition and retention
  • Scott Parker, Coastal Carolina University, Comparative responses to hypobaric versus regional hypoxia in reptilian embryos


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